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a pop of color on elizabeth street 

A pop of color can be just what a bedroom needs. As long as it is blended in well with the decor, extravagant colors and textures can give off a luxurious allure. 

21st century dyes have only become sharper, brighter, and more sultry. In the 19th century, colors (even indigo) were rarely used. Yes, the wealthy could afford poppy reds and ultra deep violets, but it wasn't until fairly recently that modern home owners have access to the deep beach-y aquas and brilliant sherbet oranges featured in this futuristic cabin concept.

mood board & color rendering of one of our latest favorite projects on Elizabeth street

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Office Remodel 


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For our office remodel, we turned a cold industrial loft into a cozy, comfortable, cultured haven for clients and ourselves. 


We can decide when to splurge and when to reserve funds, but at the end of the day budgets are a cruel fact of life. Use our iron-clad tips to stay true to your design aesthetic while lightly containing your inner spending spree spirit. 

Tip 1 :  Think Color. If you do not have a mapped out color scheme that is completely o.k. But you should always have which colors you have already chosen in mind, and that includes the colors you cannot control that are already in your space. For us the light wood and brick was permanent. We already had our zainy Turkish Anatolian Konya tribal shag rug. With a concentric square pattern that uses gold-yellow, red and pink and a purple tinted brown base, we already had a lot of colors to work on. We know we couldn't play it safe with all our furnishings, considering we had this crazy fun rug, so we went with two bright mid-century modern yellow chairs. For the couch and faux fur pillows we went with a faded chocolate like the rug's base. 

Tip 2 :  Think Texture. One of the most fun things about design is collecting samples and textures. From smooth, to fuzzy, to tattered leather rough, textures can change an entire look and make elements go together that otherwise would clash. 

Tip 3 :  Think Space. When you pick your furnishings, measure first! You don't want to end up with an oversized couch, two tall stools and an Ottoman if you only have 5'-5' square feet. And even if you do have more space, mix and matching heights can be awkward and deadly to your design plan. 

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let's reupholster

  • What do you do when you want a fresh new look for your home? There are some easy fixes, and some not so easy fixes. Painting the interior of your house can do wonders. So how do you proceed when you are looking at your seemingly mismatched furniture? The hand-me-downs, that modern sofa that was pushing the edge 15 years ago, or even a few items collected over the past year or two. Your furniture all have scars from wear-and-tear."
    You might be considering buying new furniture, but with the prices today, you simply cannot afford some original custom Coup d’Etat piece. No, with your budget, you are looking at Ikea, maybe a few stools or chairs from West Elm if you’re lucky. Not everyone can afford to browse the Design Center and point at whatever makes their heart go Boom. But here is another option, an alternative that you already know about, and one that you probably have already considered: Reupholstery. After years of looking at your vintage Victorian chairs fighting with your splurge of a beautiful contemporary art table, you probably already checked that idea off the Do-Not list. But if you choose the right fabrics, your living room can be as complete as can be. The matchy-matchy era has given way to a new look, one where our furniture of all kinds can live in peace with one another, not just bound to the laws of tolerance, but true acceptance of each other’s forms and structure. Many artistic showrooms are not afraid to put a refurbished, stained cabinet next to a skeletal industrial chair, so why should we be? Choosing the right fabrics is a must. They can have variations, as long as the style is the same. Stroll through the Design Center with confidence, take a look at Pierre Frey’s extravagant and zainy textiles that could be the new centerpiece of your room. Or maybe you want something calming, contemporary and washed out like Nobilis’ Sfumato watercolor dream. Whichever it is, the choice is up to you! Be the trend you wish you could see.
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