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CFA: Cutting for Approval––sample from the exact fabric you are going to be using


Reserve Fabric: You reserve the exact fabric you are going to use


Approval and Check: you approve the fabric, the reservation, make sure no sales tax-resale license, we collect the sales tax from the client


Resale License: you send the state of california an application, board of equalization requirement-prove that you are a business person.


Slubby: when the threads are thick and thin- isn’t the same dimension-creates ridges in the fabric (also called slubs).


Carpets Definitions:


Hand-Knotted-like the Kindergarten project where you use knotted yarn balls and then you shear them to create a fuzzy balls.


Flat weave-woven threads to create image.


Silk-used in hand-knotted carpets


Grasscloth-used in wallpaper a lot. Woven.  


Sisle-plants dried and used as rugs. Woven.


Vinyl backed fussed rug-factory made-Carpet tiles

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