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Historic Renovation and Design 

Gale Melton Design has been serving the San Francisco Bay area for 20 years, offering kitchen and bathroom design, color consultation, furnishings, space planning, and general decorating for both period and modern residences. Gale has a unique understanding of how to optimize space in Victorian and early 20th century houses, which are cherished and preserved by Bay Area residents, but whose finishes and floor plans can exasperate the most ardent preservationist. Working with a deep understanding of period style, she brings the ease and functionality of modern living to blend seamlessly with the historic envelope.

Gale Melton Design is a member of the Artistic License group, whose members are avid historic preservationists and artisans. 


This large San Franciscan historic house project pays its respects to Gothic aesthetic, Victorian design, and a contemporary arrangement of vintage decor. The project has taken a multi-phase approach, allowing for careful planning and selection of each detail and material throughout every room in the house, to assure a deeply satisfying result.

17th Street

historic stairway grille

Madrone kitchen

Castenada Circular tower library

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